Basic Giveaway Advertising Package

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Want  your giveaway to get more attention?  Our Basic Advertising Package is an affordable way to get your giveaway noticed.  It is a great option for bloggers who have a limited budget.

Each Basic Advertising Package starts at just $9.99 and includes

To order a Basic Giveaway Advertising Package, you will need to do the following:

  1. Make sure that your giveaway complies with our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Fill out the form below with your giveaway information.  You will remain on this page after your submit the form.
  3. Scroll down to submit your $9.99 Paypal payment.

Failure to follow these three steps will result in a delay in processing your order.

Submit Your Giveaway Information - Basic Ad Package

Please enter the information below so I can process your advertising package in a timely manner.
  • 3-5 words only. If you have multiple prizes, just list it as a prize pack or list the highest value prize.

    This will be used in the listing title and the url. The form will automatically add "Enter to win" and the end date to the title.

    DON'T include the words "win", "giveaway", "sweepstakes", or "prize". DON'T use all caps.
  • Describe your prize(s), including the number of winners, and the dollar value of the prize(s).
  • The url to the image of the prize. (Right click on the prize image on your website and click on copy image url. Then paste it into this box.)
  • How many times can a person enter your giveaway? Choose "one time" if the person can truly only enter once. Choose "multiple" if you use a giveaway widget and offer multiple entries, but they can only do each one once. Choose "daily" if they can enter each day - like in the case of daily tweeting. Choose "unlimited" only if a person can truly enter over and over again with no limit.
  • A note about Rafflecopter end dates:

    Rafflecopter giveaways by default end at 12:00 am (the first minute of the new day). So they are only open for 1 minute on the actual expiration date. Unless you have paid for an upgraded Rafflecopter account where you can change the end time, Please use the DAY BEFORE as your expiration date so your giveaway doesn't show up in current listings when it has already expired.
    Is your giveaway only open to specific countries? Please check the boxes by the locations that are eligible to enter your giveaway
  • Is your giveaway limited to certain ages?
  • Please enter the URL that goes directly to your entry form. Please use the permalink, not the url to your homepage.

    Do not enter Rafflecopter URLS, Gleam URLS, or similar - as these will not be approved. The giveaway needs to be posted on your site.
  • The "high value" tag should be used for giveaways where the prize value is over $100.

    The "lots of winners" tag should be used only for giveaways where there are more than 25 winners.
  • Please use an email address that you check regularly in case I have any questions. Your email address will NOT be posted on your listing.

***Sorry, we are unable to accept giveaways that end in less than 4 business days. Many of the giveaway directories where we submit require 3 to 4 days to post listings. If your giveaway is ending in less time that that, please extend the expiration date before you place your order. ***

Please note: Orders are processed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Orders received after 4:30 pm EST will be processed the next business day. Orders submitted after 5 pm EST on Friday or anytime on Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until Monday.

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